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Friday, May 10, 2013

LA Times Features Goblin Valley, Canyoneering In Utah

Goblin Valley - © Dave Webb
The LA Times has two recent articles plus a sidebar featuring Utah destinations and activities. All include wonderful photos. Here are linked headlines:
The canyoneering article is mostly a photo essay on canyoneering near Zion Park. The sidebar includes great hints on guides, where to stay, where to eat...

The Goblin Valley article includes some lively word-images depicting the unusual Utah State Park. It also touches on the nearby hike through Little Wildhorse Canyon. Here are excerpts:

"There is something mystical about the feeling that envelops a visitor who enters goblin country on foot. These fantastical formations — some crowded together and others separated by several feet — rise slightly above the heads of most adults. Then there are the short formations that instantly remind you of goblin children. Although they have been taking shape for millions of years, there is no sense of the great antiquity that you experience among the ancient bristlecone pines of the White Mountains or the deep rock walls of the Grand Canyon. Instead, there is a sense of something both old and young and, indeed, mischievous. These are not formations among which you tiptoe but, instead, you explore with delight.

"If goblins were not enough, the outskirts of Goblin Valley boast wonderful slot canyons for hiking and exploring... We were especially delighted with Little Wild Horse Canyon, which offers a variety of polished rock surfaces, stunning views and rich color offset by blue sky. The entire loop takes about half a day to complete, depending on your pace. Little Wild Horse Canyon by itself can be done in a little more than an hour, not counting the many stops for taking photos."

I've included one of my Goblin Valley photos here, to show the flavor of the area.

- Dave Webb


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