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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Learn About The Past During Utah Archaeology Week

Hovenweep National Monument by Dave Webb
Utah Archaeology Week runs May 4 – 11, 2013, and includes activities all around Utah. There will be lectures and symposiums and opportunities for hands-on explorations.

Highlights include:
  • Open house at the Rio Grande Depot with educational activities for kids
  • Annual poster contest
  • Lectures and paper presentations
  • Tours of archaeological sites
Zion National Park is holding several activities at its Visitor Center and Human History Museum. This pdf flyer has details.

See this detailed list of events being held all around the state.

There are several famous in southeastern Utah where people often come to learn about the area's pre-history. They include:
But there are many, many lesser known sites, including spots all around Utah. For example, you can see and learn about ancient rock art at these diverse locations:
No matter where you wander, you will find significant historic and prehistoric sites, if you look for them.

Oh, a bit of fun trivia: Where was Indiana Jones raised?

Answer: At the beginning of The Last Crusade, young Indie is exploring and treasure hunting around Moab, Utah. Which is appropriate because southeastern Utah has an exceptionally high concentration of prehistoric sites, ruins and relics. I don't have number to back it up, but I've heard it said that there are more sites per square mile in that area than in any other area on earth.

- Dave Webb


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