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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Delicate Arch Has A Twin; Dinosaur NM Wins Accolades

Arches National Park is showcasing the two interesting photos shown above:

"Delicate Arch just discovered it has a long-lost twin in Bolivia's Tucabaca Park." (See the full-sized photos.)

The resemblance is amazing. I know Delicate Arch is stunning when you see it in person. It's one of my favorite photo subjects. I'm sure Bolivia's arch is also impressive. Makes me want to go see.

Dinosaur National Monument has this interesting article about Dinosaur National Monument. Here are a couple quotes:

It’s a park to make Steven Spielberg proud, with not only one of the world’s largest concentrations of dinosaur bones from the Jurassic Period ever discovered, but also white-water rafting wild enough to make the most jaded action-film fan squeal.

Twenty miles east of Vernal, Utah, is the Dinosaur Quarry (accessible only from the Utah side), the destination for most day visitors to the 325-square-mile monument. More than 1,500 bones of the so-called ‘terrible lizards’ that lived here 150 million years ago have been exposed on a 200-foot rock face.

Dinosaur is located just east of the town of Vernal, in NE Utah. The monument sports a bran new
Quarry Building and Visitor Center. It's one of the great places in the world to bring kids for education and adventure.


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