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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

High Wildfire Danger Prompts Restrictions On Target Shooting

Wildfire danger remains high in Utah because of dry conditions. Right now crews are battling 6 major fires. They are not causing any problems at national parks or major recreation areas, but are causing some interference with travel and recreation in specific areas.

The most significant is the Shingle Fire, burning about 6 miles south of Duck Creek Village off Hwy 14. The Utah Fire Info website has up to date information on Utah wildfires and fire restrictions.

Many wildfires in Utah this year have been human-caused. A few have been caused when target shooters bullets have produced sparks. To reduce that risk target shooting has been restricted in some areas around Utah. The restrictions went into effect today. This Salt Lake Tribune article has details. Here are excerpts.

The order from State Forester Dick Buehler, which took effect Wednesday, bars target shooting in nearly all of unincorporated Utah County, parts of Summit County and scattered slivers of Cache, Davis and Weber counties.

Steve Terry, president of the Salt Lake Practical Shooters Association, a group of professional target shooters, conceded the restrictions probably are needed.

"It shouldn’t be necessary, but unfortunately there are a lot of laws being put in place that are silly because, if people had any common sense, there would be no need for them," Terry said.

There are restrictions on campfires and fireworks in many areas around the state. The Utah Fire Info website mentioned above also has information about those restrictions.

July 24th is Pioneer Day in Utah. It is a popular holiday when there will be parades and fireworks. Many people will stage their own armature fireworks shows. They need to be sure they stay within legal limits.

In general, campfires and fireworks are not allowed on National Park, Forest Service on BLM land in many areas around the state. Many communities also restrict fireworks. Find out the rules where you will be staying.


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