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Monday, July 02, 2012

Enjoy Fourth Of July Events Around Utah

Communities throughout Utah will hold many activities on Wednesday in celebration of Independence Day. There will be pancake breakfasts, parades, rodeos, concerts and fireworks.

Travelers are always welcome to join in the festivities. Our website events section has details about celebrations in many areas. Check locally to learn details.

Many communities are carefully controlling fireworks in an effort to minimize fire danger. Grass and brush in foothill areas are dry and pose extreme fire danger. People are encouraged to exercise caution to help prevent fires.

Most communities will stage professional firework shows, although a few have totally eliminated fireworks. Check locally to find out if there will be a show where you are.

There are severe restrictions on private fireworks. In general, fireworks are not allowed anywhere on public lands. That includes National Parks, National Forests, State Parks and BLM land. A few communities have totally outlawed fireworks. Others allow fireworks in some areas but have prohibited them in others.

Campfires are prohibited in all areas outside of approved fire pits in developed campgrounds.

This Deseret News article has extensive details about fireworks restrictions in various communities.

Again, we invite you to participate in community celebrations wherever you will be staying. And check to find out about any restrictions.

Have a great and safe Fourth of July.

- Dave Webb


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