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Friday, July 06, 2012

10 Great Hikes To Utah Mountain Lakes

The title of this post comes from this Salt Lake Tribune Article. The writer describes 10 scenic high mountain lakes that can only be reached by hiking. Here's one quote:

In Utah, you can combine your lake lounging with a good mountain hike. Here are 10 Utah trails, in no particular order, leading to a high-altitude lake. Where swimming is allowed, do so at your own risk.

Below we list the lakes recommended in the article, and the areas where you will find them. Lakes from all around Utah make the list, but several are located in the canyons on the east side of the Wasatch Front. These canyons are close to Salt Lake City, our major population center, and offer excellent hiking trails to many beautiful high mountain lakes.
  • Red Pine Lake — Little Cottonwood Canyon
  • Island Lake — Uinta Mountains
  • Oowah Lake — Moab
  • Forest Lake — American Fork Canyon
  • White Pine Lake — Logan Canyon
  • Silver Lake - American Fork Canyon
  • Lake Blanche — Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Deer Creek Lake — Boulder Mountain
  • South Willow Lake — Tooele County
  • Five lakes loop at Brighton — Big Cottonwood Canyon


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