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Friday, July 20, 2012

Help Preserve History In Arches National Park

Volunteers are needed for two projects to preserve historic cabins in Arches National Park.

In late September of this year, crews will work to stabilize and restore the Wolfe Ranch Cabin, in the Delicate Arch area, and also the Stone Cabin, located off-trail in a remote part of the park. Crews will work from a base camp at the Devils Garden Campground.

This web page has details about the projects. Here are highlights:

The Wolfe Ranch needs the existing deteriorated mud daubing (more commonly known as chinking) to be removed and then replaced with a similar mud and binder mixture. The Stone Cabin needs a mortar and acrylic cap installed along the top of the stone-walls to protect the building from further collapse. Work on both cabins will protect and preserve the structures for future study and enjoyment.

Volunteers will learn to:
  • Mix and apply traditional daubing to the exterior of the Wolfe Ranch Cabin
  • Stabilize masonry walls
  • Install a protective cap along masonry walls
  • Session 1, September 24th-28th (we will work on both cabins)
  • Session 2, October 1st-5th (only the Stone Cabin during this week)


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