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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pioneer Day Holiday Activities In Utah

July 24th is a major holiday in Utah. It is Pioneer Day, marking arrival of the Mormon Pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley, which happened on July 24th, 1847.

State government offices and some other businesses will be closed on Tuesday. Many retail stores will be open and some offer holiday specials. Restaurants, motels and other travel-related businesses will be open.

Communities throughout the state will hold parades and other festivities. Some will offer fireworks displays. Travelers are always welcome to participate. Check our events calendar and talk to the locals to find out about events where you will be staying.

Salt Lake City holds a massive celebration called Days of '47, which spreads over several days with activities culminating on Tuesday. The festival website has complete details. Below we list some of the highlights.
  • Jul 19, Pioneers of Progress Awards and Dinner
  • Jul 21, First Encampment Hike
  • Jul 21, Brother Brigham’s Ball
  • Jul 24, Sunrise Service
  • Jul 24, Days of ’47 KSL 5 Parade
  • Jul 24, Union Pacific Anniversary Celebration
The Pioneer Day holiday is a popular time for camping, boating and other recreational activities. Campgrounds around the state will be crowded. Many people will take a long, long weekend and camp from Saturday through Tuesday.

Many lakes and reservoirs will also be crowded.


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