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Monday, October 03, 2005

Fall colors and Strawberry trout

With fall colors peaking, I snuck away from the office early Friday afternoon to take some pictures. As I drove up Daniels Canyon (US-40 east of Heber City), I was delighted by the beauty of the aspen trees – ribbons of gold woven into the deep green of the pine forest.

My photos turned out great – I was pleased.

I couldn’t resist driving on into the Strawberry Valley. And, since I was in the area, I figured I might as well try fishing for a few minutes. I just happened to have my boat with me; I quickly assembled my gear and launched from the Renegade ramp.

It was late afternoon and the fish were ready for supper. We trolled small lures in the bay adjacent to the ramp and caught cutthroat trout every few minutes for the next two hours. The fish were big, running from 18-25 inches. They were fat and healthy – still are, since we released them all.

On previous trips to Strawberry I’ve had faster action, measured by total number of fish caught. But I’ve never seen so many big fish caught in such a short period of time. It was great, one of my best trips ever.

Fishing at Strawberry should continue to be very good through the fall. The fish and colored leaves combine to create a great excuse to get out of the office.

Incidentally, special regulations govern harvesting fish at Strawberry. See the latest proclamation for details.

-- Dave Webb


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