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Utah Travel Headlines

Friday, May 27, 2005

Free Fishing Day, Deer Hunt

A fishing license will not be needed to fish in Utah on June 11. All other regulations will be enforced. Clinics and events will be held around Utah to teach fishing skills. Details

Over-the-counter deer hunt permits will go on sale June 16. Many permits were allocated through the big game draw. Some 2,000 Northeastern Region rifle and muzzleloader, 16,600 Northern Region rifle and muzzleloader and 10,000 statewide general archery permits are still available, but will go fast. Details

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Memorial Day Travel Preview

These links go to articles that preview conditions travel conditions for the holiday weekend. They also provide travel tips and links for additional information:
  • Deseret Morning News

  • Salt Lake Tribune

  • Troopers will be out in force patrolling highways during the long weekend. Details.

    Farmington Canyon is closed to vehicle travel because flooding and a mudslide took out part of the road. Details

    Fishing is one of the prime activities attracting holiday travelers. This article gives an overview of fishing at Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

    This one talks about rockhounding in our west desert.

    You Can Ski Snowbird Until July 4

    Snowbird announced today it hopes to offer weekend skiing through July 4. Details

    Monday, May 23, 2005

    Zion’s Narrows Closed to Hiking

    The Narrows hike in Zion National Park has been closed because of dangerously high water. And permits may not be issued for some backcountry slot canyon hikes until the high water subsides.

    Runoff should be over by mid or late June and the closed hikes will reopen at that time.

    This is an excellent time to hike many trails in Zion and other national parks. Waterfalls in the park are more numerous and are spectacular this year because of the runoff. Check at the visitor center if you have questions about trail safety.

    This news report gives details.

    Friday, May 20, 2005

    Memorial Day Fishing Forecast

    The holiday weekend marks the beginning of traditional summer activities and for many people and that often means serious fishing. This article provides a preview of what to expect.

    Fishing is very good at Lake Powell this year, and the fish are bigger than they have been for a long time. This article has the details.

    Memorial Day events will be held in many communities across Utah. Here’s a list.

    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    Warm Temps, Floods, Rapid Snowmelt

    Utah is enjoying the warmest weather so far this year. It's great, but it is bringing localized flooding along some streams.

    Our mountain snowpack is melting fast and all streams are running high. Southern Utah streams are peaking right now. Northern Utah streams will peak within about two weeks.

    Flooding is not expected to impact travel on highways or major roadways. Some local roads will be affected. This article has details.

    Many other streams have the potential to flood. It is important to check local conditions as you plan outdoor recreation.

    Most backcountry roads will be open by Memorial Day. However, the Mirror Lake Highway (150) and some other recreational roads still have deep snow and will not be open. This article has details.

    Most Utah reservoirs are almost full and boating conditions will be excellent this season. Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge are filling, and launching conditions are good, but it will take several years to bring them to full pool.

    I went snowmobiling on Saturday, which was perhaps the final day to enjoy that sport, even at high elevations. We were on private property up in the Uintas and the snowpack shrank by several inches during the half-day we were there.

    The final snow is going fast.

    - Dave Webb

    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Ideas for Utah Vacations

    A multitude of printed brochures and booklets provide info about vacationing and outdoor recreation in Utah, covering everything from scenic backways to wildlife viewing to state parks. Most are offered free of charge. This newspaper article describes them.

    Ranger-led hikes are a great way to get the inside scoop at our national parks. This article describes ranger-led hikes at Arches National Park.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    New snow allows Snowbird to offer extra ski days

    Snowbird ski resort will be open Thursday through Sunday this week, giving skiers two bonus days because snow conditions are so good at the mountain resort.

    This is the longest ski season in Utah history and Snowbird is celebrating by staying open weekends through Memorial Day. The extra days are possible because a slow-moving storm dumped more than a foot of new snow at the resort early in the week, with another foot or more expected through the rest of the week.

    More details.

    Monday, May 09, 2005

    Dinosaur tracks discovered on Powell’s shorelines

    Many new dinosaur tracks have been discovered along the shorelines of Lake Powell, since the lake level fell to record low levels early this year. Scientists are scrambling to study them before they are submerged by the now-rising lake’s water.

    This article has details.

    Thursday, May 05, 2005

    Bizarre New Dinosaur Found in Utah

    Two boneyards have been found south of Green River, Utah, containing fossils from a strange, feathered dinosaur, which scientists think may be a key “missing link” marking the transition from meat-eating predators to vegetarians. The creatures are maniraptorans, a dinosaur group that included predators such as the Utahraptor and the Velociraptor — the vicious dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park."

    This newspaper article has more information.

    Great Salt Lake Bird Festival May 12-17

    This fun festival offers field trips, workshops, food and activities for the entire family. This newspaper article has info and schedules.

    Here’s the festival website.

    Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    Ice-Off Fishing at Strawberry

    The ice is pulling back on Strawberry Reservoir – creating that much-anticipated window of opportunity for great fishing.

    People enjoy fishing the big reservoir as the ice pulls back from shore. Action is often fast right on the edge of the receding ice sheet. By this weekend there should be plenty of open water but still some ice on the main part of the lake.

    Of course, the weather will be horrible. Right now the forecast calls for rain Friday and snow Saturday. Gotta love spring weather in

    Check our fishing report for more details.
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