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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How To Do Sundance This Season (Jan 22-Feb 2)

Highlights from last year.
It's not too late! You can still participate in Sundance Film Festival events this season if you act now. But you'll need to book lodging immediately and make plans on how to get the most out of your time there.

The festival website has complete details about “how to do Sundance.”

Lodging in Park City sells out fast but there are always options available in Salt Lake City and nearby communities. The festival is centered in Park City, but many events are held in SLC and some at other venues. It is an easy drive (or bus ride) from SLC to PC.

Plan ahead and learn the best ways to get to festival venues. Use public transportation as much as possible during the festival. Many roads will be closed or jammed and so it is difficult to drive to venues. Winter weather also causes traffic concerns. Buses and shuttles can take you almost everywhere you will want to go.

Bring Your Skis
You come to see film screening. Ok, most people come to try to see celebrities. But the festival events are exciting too. Many events are still open and you can get in, if you work at it.

But don't forget to bring your skis. People often assume the slopes will be overrun during the festival, with some many people in town, but the opposite is true. Most people are in town to party and so there is plenty of room on the slopes.


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