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Utah Travel Headlines

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Warm Temps, Floods, Rapid Snowmelt

Utah is enjoying the warmest weather so far this year. It's great, but it is bringing localized flooding along some streams.

Our mountain snowpack is melting fast and all streams are running high. Southern Utah streams are peaking right now. Northern Utah streams will peak within about two weeks.

Flooding is not expected to impact travel on highways or major roadways. Some local roads will be affected. This article has details.

Many other streams have the potential to flood. It is important to check local conditions as you plan outdoor recreation.

Most backcountry roads will be open by Memorial Day. However, the Mirror Lake Highway (150) and some other recreational roads still have deep snow and will not be open. This article has details.

Most Utah reservoirs are almost full and boating conditions will be excellent this season. Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge are filling, and launching conditions are good, but it will take several years to bring them to full pool.

I went snowmobiling on Saturday, which was perhaps the final day to enjoy that sport, even at high elevations. We were on private property up in the Uintas and the snowpack shrank by several inches during the half-day we were there.

The final snow is going fast.

- Dave Webb


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