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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Utah's Best National & State Parks

There are a couple interesting new articles out that tout the beauty of Utah's national parks and state parks. One focuses on Zion and Bryce Canyon while the other offers a list of great parks where you can escape crowds. Below we give the titles of the articles and then excerpts.

Motor Trend's website has this article on Zion and Bryce:

Utah’s Twin Wonders: Zion And Bryce Canyon, Utah - Travel
Zion and Bryce Canyon are located fairly close to each other but are light-years apart in their appearances. Zion’s main feature is a deep and narrow canyon created by water as the Virgin River carved its way through sandstone. Visitors enter this canyon to gaze at the cliffs and rock formations towering over them. Bryce Canyon is up on a higher step of the Grand Staircase. Standing on the edge of Bryce Canyon, you look down into the expansive canyon at eerie hoodoos, multicolored spires created by wind erosion. Each park is equal in awe and scenic wonder but completely different looking...

And from across the water, has this article with this title:

Top 10 national and state parks in Utah
It's got Zion, it's got Canyonlands … Utah has so many amazing parks that busy Bryce and the Arches don't even make the cut. Here's our guide for the best places to escape the crowds.

This article goes on to recommend these parks:


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