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Monday, December 09, 2013

Adventure Towns - Insights From Locals

National Geographic has this interesting series that offers ideas for long weekends in famous adventure towns and gives insight from local "experts." The series begins with Park City, progresses to Moab and then describes other popular towns around the country.

We all know tastes and expectations may vary from person to person, and so all might not agree with all insights, but everyone can learn from people who have been there and experienced the adventures.

Below are a few excerpts form the reports on Utah towns.

Park City, by Geoff Tabin, 57

Hike: Park City’s preserved open space is home to 350 miles of recreation trails...
  • Ride: “My favorite mountain bike ride starts in my driveway,” Tabin says. He rides up the road for a half mile to access Rob’s Trail...
  • Climb: In the heat of summer, it’s a 45-minute drive along scenic Mirror Lake Highway to sport climbing in the high Uinta Mountains...
  • Ski: There are miles of free groomed classic and skate-skiing in the Round Valley trail system...
Read his recommendations on where to eat, where to stay and what other activities to try.

Moab, by Steph Davis, 40
  • Hike: In the hot season, Negro Bill Canyon stays cooler than most as it runs along a creek and has a surprising arch at the end of the trail...
  • Ride: “The ultimate downhill ride is the Whole Enchilada...
  • Climb: Moab is known for desert tower climbs, Castleton Tower and Ancient Art being the most famous, and for Indian Creek (an hour south of town), a world-class crack climbing destination...
  • Paddle: ...The “Daily” is the local favorite float ride, and can even be done on a stand-up paddleboard.
Read here recommendations on where to eat, where to stay and what else to do.


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