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Monday, September 10, 2012

Observe The Fall Equinox At Parowan Gap Or The Utah Sun Tunnels

The annual Fall Equinox - the first day of fall - will be September 22. Utah boats two prime spots to obverse the equinox and other astronomic events. One spot is Parowan Gap. The other is the Sun Tunnels located west of Salt Lake City in the Great Salt Lake Desert.

At Parowan Gap, ancient Native Americans carved hundreds of geometric figures into a narrow canyon's rock walls. The petroglyphs are unique. Rock art panels in most areas include many humanoid figures and some recognizable animals. At Parowan Gap it is most geometric shapes. Many people believe the shapes comprise an intricate calendar system and The Gap itself serves as a sort of observatory. Every year people travel to be at The Gap during equinox and solstice events.

This year there will be a special Fall Equinox Observation held 6:00 pm at Parowan Gap on Sept. 15. It will include a presentation on the ancient Native American solar calendar and observation of the sunset. For information call Nancy Dalton 435-463-3735.

Parowan Gap is located west of the town of Parowan, near Cedar City. It is on the National Register of Historic Sites.

Read more about Parowan Gap, including driving directions.

Sun Tunnels
The Sun Tunnels are huge artistic works created by Nancy Holt. They are concrete tubes positioned to align with the setting and rising sun during the summer solstice and the winter solstice. They are unique, sitting out in the middle of nowhere.

A few people visit the tunnels every week during good weather, and many more come for astronomic events.

Read more about the tunnels and where they are located.


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