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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Kudos For Green River Golf Course, operated by golf enthusiasts out of Atlanta, Georgia, has this interesting review of Utah's Green River Golf Course.

Utah's St George, Heber Valley and Park City courses are famous and always rate well, but the Green River course is out of the way and usually ignored by national reviews. It's refreshing to see it get this recognition.

The writer has nothing but good to say about the course, as you can see from the excerpts below. His stats for the course are accurate but his description of the Green River itself is a little misleading.

I genuinely like this place.

Green River State Park is just north of I-70, in Southeast Utah, in one of the few areas of the state that can be aptly described as bleak.

The golf course at Green River is the centerpiece of this small state park, though there is camping and the Green River, a fairly large river that runs all the way from far northeastern Utah to Lake Powell, is readily available via a small boat ramp adjacent to the campground.

Or if you're a camper, the campground is excellent.

However you get there, if golf is in your blood, add this one to your bucket list.

Utah is, in my opinion, the most beautiful state in the country, so even if you don't play golf, I'd highly recommend a trip west to see some unmatched scenery.

The Green River begins in the Wind River Mountains in SW Wyoming. It flows into Flaming Gorge Reservoir and then, below the Flaming Gorge dam, flows through the NE corner of Utah and into Colorado. It re-enters Utah in Dinosaur National Monument and then flows south to join the Colorado River south of Moab. The Colorado flows into Lake Powell.


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