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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Colors Are Coming Early In Utah This Year

Foliage colors are already changing at high elevations in Utah this year. We had little rain during the early summer and that has prompted the trees and bushes to advance their schedules a little.

Colors will get better and better during the next few weeks, with peak viewing coming in mid or September in northern Utah and in mid-October at lower elevations in southern Utah.

ABC4 has this news report about the early fall leaves. The video clip below comes from their report.

Our website showcases some of Utah's better fall colors drives, in all parts of the state.

This Las Vegas Review Journal has this article recommending Cedar Breaks National Monument as a great destination for a fall trip. The article correctly says the Cedar Breaks area is one of the best spots in southern Utah to see spectacular colors.

Here's the video from ABC4.


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