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Utah Travel Headlines

Friday, April 06, 2012

Recreational Activities Draw Many Retirees To Utah has this interesting article recommending three Utah areas as great places to retire, mostly because they offer outstanding opportunities for recreation. It says Park City is great but too expensive. St George, Ogden and Cedar City are recommended as great retirement options.

The article contains some inaccuracies. For example, it says St George is "nestled in the balmy southeastern section of the state..." St George is actually in the southwestern corner of Utah.

It also mentions Tuacahn, in the St George area, and says it "often hosts traveling Broadway plays." Tuacahn actually produces plays itself, it doesn't host traveling shows. It does host some traveling concerts.

Here is another interesting statement about St George: "Though there is an airport and a few small hospitals in town, many residents say they drive the two hours to Las Vegas for medical care and flights, not to mention restaurants and shopping." There is, in fact, a major regional hospital in St George.

It is true that St George is close to Las Vegas. Many people from Vegas come into southern Utah for recreation and many St George-area residents go to Vegas for shows, concerts, shopping and dining.

The article also talks about Utah's dominant LDS culture as a "drawback." Well, that's a rather subjective statement. Many people not of the LDS faith choose to live and play in Utah and get along fine with resident the Mormons.

The article does have some glowing descriptions of recreational opportunities in Utah:

St. George is often referred to as "Utah's golf capital" and anyone who has ever teed off looking out on the brilliant red rocks knows why.

The hiking here is world-class -- it's located within minutes of Zion National Park, one of the area's top tourist attractions and only a few hours from Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park.

Located in the Wasatch Mountains in northern Utah, Ogden is just 20 to 30 miles from some of the region's best skiing, including the well-regarded Snowbasin resort, Power Mountain and Wolf Mountain.

Often called "Festival City," this town works hard to live up to the nickname. Cedar City hosts the Utah Shakespearean Festival, which has won the Tony Award for outstanding regional theater and attracts roughly 130,000 guests each year.

And, because this is Utah, there's no shortage of outdoor endeavors nearby... Brian Head Ski Resort is just 30 miles away and Zion and Bryce National Parks are both within 65 miles.



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