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Friday, March 30, 2012

Raft Early For The Best Whitewater This Season

Our whitewater rafting season is now getting underway - a little earlier than normal because we are having a warm spring. Some rafting companies have already launched season inaugurating voyages. Others will do so during the next couple weeks.

Many enthusiasts try to hit the highest water possible to catch the most thrilling rapids. That will probably happen in May this year, a little early because of the warm temperatures and because we have low snowpack in many areas.

Book now if you want to get a spot on a raft during that period.

But the excitement doesn't end then. Our rivers offer excellent rafting adventures through the summer and into the fall. On some river sections the most exciting rides occur after peak runoff. During runoff the water may become so high it overpowers some rapids and you are left with just fast water. As the water level drops, the rapids come back and become thrilling again.

Cataract Canyon is considered our most intense whitewater. It has rapids that range up to Class V, which is the highest classification for rapids that are safe to navigate on professionally guided trips.

Utah whitewater trips can range from easy and relaxing to intense and thrilling. Trip lengths can range from a half day to multiple days. Talk to one of our guide services and the guys and gals there will match you with a trip that is suitable for your group.

Also consider our rafting packages, combining a river trip with lodging and other adventure activities.



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