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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LDS Conference Will Bring Thousands To Temple Square

The LDS (Mormon) Church will hold its annual spring General Conference, March 31 and April 1. Most events will be held in the Conference Center, across from Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. Some 24,000 people are expected to participate in conference-related events.

The downtown area will be bustling with activity both Saturday and Sunday. Many businesses will also see crowds on Friday, when people arrive for the conference.

Traffic will run slow in the downtown area through the weekend. Parking spaces will be hard to find. People are encouraged to take mass transit into the downtown area. More mass transit trains and buses will be available to shuttle people into and out of downtown.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article describing how the conference will affect downtown businesses. Below are excerpts.

"It’s as busy a day as after Thanksgiving, both the Friday and Saturday," said Stuart Christensen, co-owner of the Mr. Mac men’s clothing store that opened Feb. 26 on the second level the new City Creek Center near the intersection of South Temple and State Street.

The surprise is how far some customers travel, Christensen said, naming off a far-flung list that includes African and European nations, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.

"We get to the point that we have so many people here in such a short time that it’s hard for them to get what they need," said Neil Wilkinson, sales and marketing director for Temple Square Hospitality. "So we add a bunch of stuff."

Extra offerings include a Saturday lunch buffet at The Roof, the restaurant positioned near the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

The Nauvoo Cafe and Lion House Pantry will also sell hundreds of box lunches for attendees to enjoy outside among the flowers on Temple Square, Wilkinson said.


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