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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Winter Hikes In Capitol Reef National Park

Southern Utah mountains received heavy snow from a storm just now leaving the state. Brian Head Ski Resort received 14 inches of new powder. Next week the area is expected to dry out and warm up. Overall, this winter has been mild and next week will feel almost spring-like at lower elevations in the southern half of the state.

Conditions should be excellent for hiking in our national parks.

Capitol Reef offers some of our best opportunities for winter hikes. It is a favorite destination this time of year. It offers a variety of terrain, from mountain slopes to arid desert. The lower, open areas in the park are very inviting right now.

Here is an interesting article with photos showing some hiking opportunities in the Capitol Gorge area in the park. Some of the photos are stunning.

This article talks about a trail called “The Tanks,” which is a spur off Capitol Gorge. The Gorge and its spur trails can be hiked many winter days, but may have water, mud or ice at times.

To reach the area you follow the scenic drive down from the park Visitor Center. It is always smart to stop at the visitor center and get info on current conditions.

The park’s Scenic Drive is a great winter destination in its own right. It is beautiful year-round.


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