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Utah Travel Headlines

Friday, January 20, 2012

Heavy Snow In Utah's Mountains, Rain And Flood Problems In Some Valleys

Skiers and board riders are celebrating because Utah resorts have received heavy snowfall during the past few days. Some resorts report up to 30 inches of new snow, with another big storm on our doorstep.

Avalanche danger is now significant in backcountry areas. Developed ski resorts perform avalanche control work that minimizes danger. Avalanche control is also done above highways that pass through mountainous areas. The danger comes in the backcountry. If you ski or snowmobile into the backcountry you need to be very careful and take measures to stay safe. The Utah Avalanche Center has information on current conditions along with forecasts and safety information.

Valley rain has caused flooding in some areas near Logan and Ogden. In the small town of Liberty, several basements have been flooded and there is standing water across some streets. A storm coming in tomorrow could drop more rain the area and that could aggravate the problem.

Major highways have not been affected - they are safe and in good shape. Some secondary roads near Liberty have been flooded. People are advised not to drive into flood water because it may be deep and hazardous.

These storms have not extended far into southern Utah. Conditions there have been mostly dry and mild.

Travelers should monitor weather and news reports to get the latest information about these potential problems. Here are some news stories to get you started.

Standing flood water amounts to feet in some areas

Cache battles flooding; snow raises avalanche danger

Utah gets socked with mountain snow, valley rain


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