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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Salt Lake 2002 - Ten Year Olympic Anniversary Celebration

It’s been 10 years since Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic games. The games were a smashing success and the legacy they left has had a positive influence on our state.

A big anniversary celebration will be held during February, with plenty of opportunity for people to participate.

A prominent business executive named Mitt Romney headed up the Olympics and he will be in town for some of the festivities. KSL TV has this report about this visit. Here are excerpts.

Romney, the former head of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, will speak at a Feb. 18 ice skating show at Energy Solutions Arena.

The 2002 Olympic Games taught us that our aspirations can become reality. The 3,500 athletes and more than 50,000 members of Team 2002 dared to make their dreams real," Romney said. has detailed information about celebration events. Here are highlights:

- Relighting the Flame - A ceremonial relighting of the 2002 cauldron takes place the evening of February 8, remaining lit for public viewing through February 11.

- 10-Year Anniversary Olympic Sport Festival - Saturday, February 18

- A Tribute To Salt Lake 2002 With Stars On Ice - February 18

- Park City Community Celebration - February 1

- Utah Olympic Park Community Celebration - February 9

- Kearns Community Celebration - February 17

In addition, there are ongoing Olympic exhibits and activities at venues.


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