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Utah Travel Headlines

Monday, January 09, 2012

Find Deals During Learn To Ski And Snowboard Month

January is National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. During this month many Utah resorts are offering special deals and incentives to help people get hooked on these sports. Many of the deals are restricted to Utah residents only. Sorry about that.

If you are a Utah resident and you want to learn ski, check out the deals. You will never find any better. Ski Utah has this comprehensive information about the promotion.

Playboy Ranks Alta/Snowbird As #1
In other news, Playboy Magazine has ranked Alta/Snowbird as the number 1 ski area in America, based on the quality of the snow and the terrain.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article about the article. Here is how it concludes.

If the resorts don’t provide enough excitement, Playboy suggests checking out Wasatch Powderbird Guides for a “plop in the endless sea of virgin terrain that is the Wasatch Range.”

There was a sexy picture with the story, but we were too busy reading the article to pay attention.


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