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Friday, December 02, 2011

Which Resort Has The 'Greatest Snow In Utah'

Utah proudly claims to have the "greatest snow on earth," and many skiers agree. Our resorts are consistently at the top of surveys ranking snow conditions. For example, this year the readers of Ski Magazine named Deer Valley the overall best resort in all of North American, and listed Utah resorts at the top of virtually of every category related to snow quality.

But, among Utah resorts, which has the best snow? Deborah Garrett deals with that question in this article carried by In summary, she says the quality of snow at the resorts varies from day to day, and that Utahn are lucky because we can watch the storms and ski whichever resort picks up the most power. She concludes that the best snow is the snow you happen to be on.

Did she cop out by raising an interesting question and not providing a definitive answer? Read the article and decide for yourself. It is also interesting to read comments made by people who read the article. Below are excerpts from the article. See comments here.

While the snow is not the driest nor the deepest, Utah’s topography and location provide a uniquely consistent and abundant blend of snow. The trend is to have high density snow under low density powder to create an environment perfect for that “floating” feeling for which many ski and snowboard enthusiast yearn.

Within an hour and a half of my house I can reach eight of Utah’s resorts. It’s great to wake up and choose where I will ski that day based on who received the most snow the night before. Skiing is a one day vacation from everyday life; a boost for mental, physical, and social well being. It spans the ages and includes all skill levels. It’s just being there that matters.

As I stand at the top of a long glade of trees a path opens before me. Large snowflakes fall threatening to encumber my view. One turn, then two and I’m free embraced by invigoration, solitude and more open turns to go. I my opinion, the greatest snow in Utah is found under my skis.

It’s the one you’re on today.


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