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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Utah Tops Forbes List Of Best States For Business

Forbes Magazine is out with its annual list of the best states for business and Utah is at the top, for the second year in a row.

The magazine says Utah ranks high because of business-friendly laws and tax rates, low energy costs, a strong workforce and an outstanding quality of life. See the magazine’s summary for details.

Local newspapers are playing up the Forbes study. See these reports:
-- Salt Lake Tribune
-- Deseret News

Here are excerpts from the Forbes article.

Utah repeats this year as Forbes Best State for Business and Careers in our sixth annual look at the business climates of the 50 states. No state can match the consistent performance of Utah. It is the only state that ranks among the top 15 states in each of the six main categories we rate the states on.

Technology companies particularly have had Utah on their radar as an affordable alternative to California with overall business costs in Utah 10% below the national average. Adobe Systems, eBay, Electronic Arts and Oracle have all expanded in Utah in recent years.


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