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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Snow, Skis And Screenings: Do Sundance Like The Stars

Resident magazine has an interesting new article about Utah winter vacations, offering a skimpy smattering of facts and some entertaining misinformation.

The New York publication has the article under this heading:
5-Star Travel: Utah

And this subheading:
Snow, Skis And Screenings: Do Sundance Like The Stars

It talks about Sundance, briefly, but gives no tips on how to do Sundance. Its only relevant advice is to book early because hotel rooms are almost impossible to come by during the festival.

Writer Heather Corcoran gave us a new national park – which we appreciate:
"For families, cultural sites like This Is the Place National Park are a way to distract kids too little for skis and to sneak in a lesson in the history of the “Crossroads of the West."

This is the Place is a fun cultural site, but not a national park. It’s not even a state park.

And I’ll have to stop by Temple Square again because I've apparently never found the right tour:

"The hotel is less than a mile away from the sprawling 35 acre Temple Square, the center of the Mormon faith, if you want to pick up an extra wife or two."

All in all, it's a fun read.

- Dave Webb


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