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Monday, January 08, 2007

Utah's National Ability Center Profiled

Washington Post writer Gary Lee penned an excellent article profiling Utah’s National Ability Center. The article has been picked up and is being published by various papers. Below are some excerpts.

You can read the entire article here.

“A cluster of timber buildings perched on a hill near Park City, about 30 miles east of Salt Lake City, the center trains all manner and age of disabled sports enthusiasts in skiing and other recreational activities, including mountain biking and horseback riding. From its scrappy start in the mid-1980s as a small school teaching locals with disabilities how to maneuver the slopes, the complex has grown into one of the country's broadest-reaching nonprofit organizations (most of the funding comes from foundations or private donors) specializing in sports and therapy for the physically and mentally challenged.”

“I watched as some horseback riders were blindfolded, while skiers had an arm tied to one side. The center recommends the exercise for anyone who wants to experience the viewpoint of the physically or mentally challenged. Relatives or friends of the disabled are especially encouraged to try it. ‘As a learning tool, it's invaluable,’ explained Meeche White, the NAC's co-founder and chief executive officer.”

“As she stood in Park City's Olympic Park cheering on the NAC's bobsled team, White summed up the center's mission: ‘We take whoever comes in the door and give them whatever it takes to engage in a sport on their own or with their families without our assistance.’”

You can get more info about the center here.


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