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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

St George Attracts Rave Reviews

Safest Place
The St George area is ranked one of the safest city in America in the third annual "Most Secure U.S. Places to Live" rankings from Farmers Insurance Group. The southwest Utah community took the top spot for towns with fewer than 150,000 residents.

Insurance Journal reports: “Top-ranked St. George, whose population of 110,515 places it among the small towns, offers a climate that features mild winters, low annual precipitation and clean air. St. George had the lowest crime rate of all 379 communities in the Farmers study and the lowest unemployment rate among the 138 small towns.”

Read the entire article.

Economic Winner
St George is called one of the new economic winners in an interesting article on Consider these excerpts:

“The geography of the U.S. economy is constantly shifting. Now, writes JOEL KOTKIN, the hinterlands are getting their revenge on the big cities of the East and West Coasts. Towns like Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and St. George, Utah, are the winners. The losers are ‘hip’ cities like Boston and San Francisco, which don’t seem to know it yet.”

“In this decade, for example, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Boston have suffered declines in population. The emigrants head either to the exurbs or to places in the Southwest or Florida, where they can live well for less money and find better jobs—including high-end business-service jobs (like consulting, accounting, and financial advising) that can locate anywhere and now tend to cluster in beautiful places to live like Fort Myers, Florida, and St. George, Utah.”

Read the entire article.


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