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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fishing Strawberry at Ice-Off

Golden Webb sent this update (5-10): "Went up right after I read your email, and got there about 45 minutes before sunset. All the ice is gone. Fished from the bank near Mud Creek. Caught two big beauties right before dark, but only landed one of them -- the other, which felt as heavy as a bowling ball, snapped my line a few feet from shore."

See our new fishing report

Original post:

The ice is coming off Strawberry Reservoir right now and that creates an opportunity for great trout fishing.

Some anglers think the best fishing of the year occurs as the ice comes off. If you want to get in on that action then get up there fast – the ice may be completely gone by weekend.

Strawberry offers good numbers of large rainbow and cutthroat trout, according to the Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources, and fishing should be good this spring from both boat and shore. DWR has this new article on fishing the reservoir.

Early reports indicate many fish are concentrated along the shorelines. If you get out in a boat and troll you may not get in close enough to them. Shore anglers sometimes cast right over the fish as they try to get out into deep water.

The best approach is to work the shorelines until you determine where fish are holding. Start right against shore and work deeper until you find them.

The reservoir is located at a high elevation; air and water temperatures are still cold. If you get wet you will be miserable and may put yourself in danger.


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