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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Minor Spring Flooding Expected

Mother Nature seems to be cooperating to lessen flood dangers around Utah this spring. Warm days are melting the mountain snowpack and streams are running high, but serious flooding is not expected in any area as of this writing.

The runoff should not affect travel. Recreational plans may need to be adjusted because of the high stream flows. Stay out of the streams when they are running high and cold. People die every year because they underestimate the danger runoff brings. Don’t try to wade or drive across streams that are flood and always supervise children closely.

Many Utah trout streams will be unfishable for the next few weeks because of the high water. But some of our best stream sections are fishable because they are located below dams that contain the runoff. See our latest Fishbytes report for more information about fishing conditions.

This article provides a good discussion about our snowpack and flood danger.


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