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Friday, April 28, 2006

Miller Auto/Cycle Racetrack Set To Open

Miller Motorsports Park will officially open with a public “sneak peak” on June 10, 2006.

The Honda Summit of Speed AMA Superbike Championships will be the first major event, on June 16-18. Before that date there will be smaller events, driving and riding school opportunities and the chance to drive on the Go-Kart track.

Deseret Morning News writer Ray Grass describes the track in this article.

This sidebar has more facts.

The track is being called “one of the finest road-racing courses in the country, and possibly the world,” by drivers who have tested it.

It is being built by local businessman Larry Miller, who also owns the Utah Jazz NBA team. The article quotes Miller: "I am pleased with the interest people are showing in the track. I never would have expected this much interest this soon.”

Alan Wilson, track designer and CEO, said: "If you'd asked me a year ago just how many days we'd have booked by now, I would have said 100, maybe. We're at about 320 days at the moment. That's pretty exciting.

"I've been to more than 200 tracks around the world and I've never seen a track with the viewing opportunities this track has.”

Read the entire article.


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