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Monday, April 24, 2006

Kayak Adventures on Lake Powell

Sunset Magazine has a great article on kayaking Lake Powell. Writer Lawrence Cheek describes the experience:

“Paddling the canyons is, of course, a vastly different experience from hiking them. It’s like touring a huge sculpture park, one where otherworldly formations rise from a waterscape designed for the most dramatic contrast imaginable.

“In Cathedral Canyon, a 3-mile-long channel that meanders south off the lake, a sheer sandstone cliff soars about 500 feet out of the water, its face carved as cleanly as a holiday ham. Twilight Canyon is a corkscrew of scoops and swirls, its wind-buffed walls narrowing until they squeeze the sky into a tortured blue ribbon over our heads. It’s like paddling through a cave, only with color and light. By official count there are 96 of these canyons (we probe just 10 in our five days), and their variety seems endless.”

Read the entire article.


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