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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Skiing Through An Avalanche

Eric Hjorleifson sets off an avalanche on a big mountain pillow line
and attempts to ski through it.
Every winter people die in avalanches in Utah. Most victims are skiing or snowmobiling in backcountry areas. Avalanche control work is done regularly at developed skiresorts and along highways and so those areas are safe. People venturing away from these areas need to be knowledgeable about risks and follow safety procedures.

The video at right shows skier Eric Hjorleifson actually skiing through an avalanche. Hjorleifson survived. Sometimes others don't. This is serious stuff.

Be aware of current conditions if you are heading into the mountains. The Utah Avalanche Center provides excellent general information and specific forecasts. Study the info there.

If you are new to backcountry winter sports, take a class. Go with a guide. Learn about dangers. Acquire proper equipment and learn to use it.

Snow sports can be incredible enjoyable. Many times families enjoy these activities together. They can be relatively safe if you use common sense.

I hope to see you in the backcountry.

Stay safe and warm.

– Dave Webb


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