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Friday, November 14, 2014

Salt Lake Settles For 'Ski City,' Gives Up 'USA'

A couple months ago we reported on a new tourism drive by, where they had adopted the moniker “Ski City USA” to promote the four Wasatch Mountain resorts. Well, they were sued and vowed to fight. But now they have settled and will be known as Ski City. Here's their official website. has this report, which includes the video below.

“We are Ski City. We are going to tout all aspects that make up Ski City as the unique winter destination that it is. There's only one Ski City. It's what we're unapologetically going to promote and it is who we are.”
–Shawn Stinson, Visit Salt Lake

This could be a record year for Utah ski resorts. We're excited for the new season.


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