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Monday, November 10, 2014

Top Choices For Native American Heritage Month

Hovenweep National Monument - © Dave Webb
November is Native American Heritage Month. It brings opportunities to learn about Native American cultures.

In Utah you can do more than just “learn about” places and cultures. We offer tremendous opportunities to experience modern and ancient cultures – to walk and dine and stay in Indian country. Here are a few of my favorite options.
  1. Explore Monument Valley with a Native American guide. Travel by jeep, horseback and foot to remarkable places in this sacred valley. Bring your camera.
  1. Participate in ranger led programs at Mesa Verde National Park. View archaeological and cultural sites from the prehistoric Puebloan-era.
  1. Explore Hovenweep and any of a dozen other major ancient Native American sites along the Trail of the Ancients National Byway.
  1. Enjoy a Navajo taco at Gouldings, or any of the cafes in Blanding or Bluff. Stay at Gouldings or at other lodging in Navajo country.
  1. See the exhibit, “Nuchu: Voices of the Ute People,” at the BYU Museum of Peoples and Cultures.
  1. Learn about ancient Native cultures at the Natural History Museum of Utah.
  1. Stay alert through the year and participate in Native American Pow Wows and other cultural events.
  • Dave Webb


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