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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Top 20 US Cities for 20-Somethings? Salt Lake Is Number 2 has this interesting article naming the 20 best US cities for people in the 20-Something range, and Salt Lake City is number 2 on this list.

Strange? Well, we don't think so. Here's the articles lead, which explains some of the things they looked for:

The verdict is in: 20-somethings want to live in cities. The question then becomes: Which urban centers offer the best situation for those in their 20s? Some things at the top of young adults’ wish lists are universally agreeable (cheap rent, a good job market, and great public transportation). Others are up for debate—do 20-somethings care about fitness, finding love, or the local startup scene?

We do undoubtedly have many good things going for us:
  • Relatively cheap rent
  • Low unemployment and strong job market
  • Excellent universities with low tuition
  • Abundant recreational opportunities
  • Oh, yeah, great skiing
  • Extensive public transportation
Here are tidbits from the article's comments on Salt Lake City:
SLC earned the honor of least-stressed city because of its minimal cost of living and low unemployment rate.

Salt Lake was just named one of America’s five new foodie cities.

Plus, what other major city allows you to hit the slopes right after work at one of the four major ski resorts just minutes from city limits?


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