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Friday, October 10, 2014

Lake Powell Is Paradise In October

Lone Rock at Lake Powell - by Dave Webb
Last week I enjoyed a few days boating at Lake Powell, camping on the beach and doing a little fishing. It was wonderful – this is my favorite time of year to be at the big lake.

Why? Here are the reasons I like this season:

1. Water is still warm
2. Air is warm but not hot
3. Not as many people
4. Fishing is very good

I launched at Wahweap and camped on Lone Rock Beach. There were plenty of other people camped there but it wasn't crowded. There was little boat traffic regardless of the direction we traveled.

I normally prefer to boat away from the marina and camp in some secluded canyon, but we had too many people in our party this time. Camping in a remote cove is my idea of paradise. As the sun goes down, all boat traffic stops. In many coves you can't see or hear anyone else on the lake. I think it is wonderful.

Striped bass surface fishing as slowed down but the big predator fish can still be caught working lures under the surface. Smallmouth and largemouth fishing can be very good at this time of year. The fish seem to understand lean winter days are ahead and so they eat voraciously.

The lake's water is cooling and seasonally changes will soon take their toll on recreation at the lake. But late October must people choose to stop skiing and swimming, although a quick dip can still be refreshing.

If you stay dry, boating, camping and hiking can be very enjoyable through November. Fishing success usually begins to fade in November and by the end of the month it becomes much more difficult to catch most species in the lake.

During winter, the lake is incredibly peaceful, with few humans to be seen. People boat on the lake during every week of the year, but you need to use caution during the cold months. Since there are fewer people out, there may not be any help nearby if you get in trouble.

The lake never freezes. Some years a skim of ice ice may form in the very back of some canyons, but it usually doesn't extend far or last long.

The major marinas are open year-round.

Come on down and enjoy paradise.

– Dave Webb


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