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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ogden's 25th Street Named One Of The Great Streets In America

Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden has been selected as one of the Great Streets in America by the American Planning Association. The history of the street reflects the interesting rise and fall and revitalization of Ogden itself.

According to this article in Ogden's Standard Examiner, the street was “referred to as the most dangerous street in America, too tough for the likes of Al Capone, with secret tunnels connecting one speakeasy to another.”

Ogden was a railroad town, the junction city of the great Union Pacific and Central Pacific lines, and that brought prosperity during the rail's golden age, but decline in modern times.

City officials have worked hard to revitalize the town and have attracted many businesses that make gear for outdoor recreation, particular winter sports. Every year Ogden earns honors as a great place to live and work if you are recreation-minded.

From the Examiner article: “Now all the beer is brewed legally, while the opium dens gave way to restaurants, the brothels gave way to boutiques and the gambling parlors gave way to art galleries.”

The American Planning Association lists these factors and others that influenced its decision to honor the street:

25th Street's development got under way after the construction of the original Union Station on the west end of the street in 1889. Wooden buildings were torn down to make way for brick structures that reflected the Neoclassical architecture of the time. Businesses along 25th Street catered to travelers with hotels, lodging houses, saloons, restaurants, cigar shops, and clothing stores. Because of the constant activity, particularly gambling, opium dens, bootlegging, and brothels, the street became known as "Notorious 25th Street." This created the mystique of the street that lives on today.

...Popular annual and weekly events include Xterra USA Championship, USA Cycling Masters Road Championships, Tour of Utah, Ogden Arts Festival, Farmers Market, 1st Friday Arts Stroll, Ogden Horse Parade, Car Show, Harvestmoon Festival, Witchstock, Christmas Village


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