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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Join The Debate Over ATV Use In Utah

The debate over ATV activities in Utah has never been hotter. In recent months enthusiasts have openly defied federal regulations and have challenged law enforcement by overtly riding in closed areas. Meanwhile, others are vocally calling for more restrictions and more enforcement.

Your voice is needed in this debate.

This news release was submitted by BLM. Below is the headline and then highlights.

BLM Seeks Public Comment on ATV Safari in Southeastern Utah

The cities of Monticello and Blanding have hosted an annual ATV safari for the last ten years. This EA analyzes proposed changes designed to improve the overall event and participant experience. This year’s proposed three-day event would take place in September on 15 designated routes in Grand and San Juan Counties. The event proposal also includes developing 14 trailheads in areas with existing surface disturbance.
The EA, which includes route maps, is available for public review and comment on the Environmental Notification Bulletin Board at: (search for project name “San Juan ATV Safari”).
Written comments will be accepted by letter or email until close of business Aug. 1, 2014. Please note that the most useful comments are those that contain new technical or scientific information relevant to the proposed action. Comments should be as specific as possible. Comments which contain only opinions or preferences will not receive a formal response but may be considered in the BLM decision-making process. Please reference “San Juan ATV Safari” when submitting comments.

This video from 2012 provides an overview of the ATV use in SE Utah.


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