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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Have A Safe, DUI-Free Holiday

Officials are encouraging people to follow common-sense safety rules during the upcoming holidays. That includes not drinking and driving. Unfortunately, alcohol-related accidents increase during holidays and so patrols will be stepped up in attempt to keep our roads safe.

Zion National Park has announced it's rangers will increase drunk driving enforcement over the holiday weekend. See their news release. Below is an excerpt.

Zion National Park will enhance the enforcement of impaired driving over the Fourth of July weekend through expanded DUI checkpoints and increased road patrols. Acting Superintendent Cindy Purcell stated, "Rangers in the National Parks have two essential missions. One is to preserve and protect natural and cultural resources in perpetuity. The other is to provide for the safe enjoyment of those resources by visitors."

Officials are also warning about boating while under the influence. The Deseret News has this ariticle about the push for safe boating. Here are excerpts.

Law enforcement across the state is teaming up to keep Utah's lakes and reservoirs safe and free from drunken driving. They are reminding boaters and recreation enthusiasts that no matter what vehicle they are operating, if they are drunk they will be arrested.

One of the rules is adults can drink alcohol on the boat, but the operator cannot and cannot have alcohol within reach.

"If we can detect the odor of alcohol or an open container, we will test the operator,” Brody said.

The 0.08 blood-alcohol content standard is the same as for people behind the wheel of a car.

Have a safe, DUI-free holiday.


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