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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mirror Lake Highway Will Open Soon, Other High Roads Opening

Crews are working hard to clear snow from Hwy 150 - the Mirror Lake Highway in the Unita Mountains - and hope to have it open by Labor Day weekend. Some of our high-elevation roads are already open, and others will be soon.

The Deseret News has this report on Hwy 150. We give excerpts below, and then include the Utah Department of Transportation list of seasonal roads and expected open dates.

UDOT has five blowers, plows and graders deliberately digging through the snow and ice. Crews have consistently had to cut through drifts 4-feet to 6-feet deep.

"We've cut through some drifts 12- to 14-feet deep,” Page said. “(There's) almost twice as much snow as last year, but three years ago, it was deeper. They didn't get the road open until July 6 that year.”

“We're just about to the top of the summit, and we've got to go clear over to Sulphur campground, which is about 10 miles away," Page said.

Here's UDOT's latest seasonal roads projections.
  • SR 35 Wolf Creek Pass Francis to Hanna – Milepost 12 to 27 OPEN
  • SR 39 Monte Cristo East of Ogden – Milepost 37 to 55.5. CLOSED
  • Anticipate OPEN Friday, May 23
  • SR 65 East Canyon Northeast of Salt Lake City – Milepost 3 to 13.2 OPEN
  • SR 92 American Fork/Alpine Loop Milepost 14 to milepost 22.5 CLOSED
  • SR 148 Cedar Breaks East of Cedar City – Milepost 0.2 to 19 CLOSED
  • SR 150 Mirror Lake Highway CLOSED Anticipate OPEN Memorial Day weekend
  • SR-153 Mt. Holly Junction Road CLOSED
  • SR 224 Guardsman Pass Park City to Midway OPEN
  • SR 190 Guardsman Pass Big Cottonwood Canyon (SR-190/Brighton) to Park City (Junction with SR 224) CLOSED Anticipate OPEN Memorial Day weekend
  • Lake Powell Ferry - The Ferry is closed. SR 276 is open to the park boundaries.


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