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Friday, May 02, 2014

Its Wild Flower And Waterfall Season In Zion Park

This is a seasonal waterfall in Zion Canyon
Many wildflowers are now in full bloom in Zion Canyon and other areas in Zion National Park. Delicate little purple flowers and be seen, along with bring paintbrush and vivid cactus blossoms. The blooms will gradually move to higher elevations, affording plenty of opportunity for visitors to see the annual progression of colors.

Zion Park has some great flower photos on its Facebook page.

Waterfalls are abundant in the park right now, as snow melt cascades down streams and over cliffs. If you pay attention while traveling up Zion Canyon you will see a number of seasonal waterfalls - they are spectacular now but will dry up and runoff ends and summer sets in.

New National Monuments in Utah?

With so much spectacular federally-controlled land in Utah, there is always speculation that the President will use the Antiquities Act to create new national monuments. That possibility may be gaining traction thanks to a strong movement to wrest control of some of that land and turn it over to state management.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this interesting article listing places that might be likely candidates for national monument status. The article lists areas around the West, including several in Utah. Below is the headline and then a list of Utah areas on the list.

12 most likely places President Obama would declare a national monument
  • Desolation Canyon, eastern Utah
  • Greater Canyonlands, southeastern Utah
  • San Rafael Swell, Emery County, Utah
  • Diné Bikéyah, San Juan County, Utah
These are great areas worth exploring, with or without national monument status.


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