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Monday, May 12, 2014

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival Runs May 15-19

The Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is a popular event offering many opportunities to see and learn about migratory birds and other wildlife. Headquarter in Davis County, just north of Salt Lake City, it is held annually and includes field trips, lectures, workshops and many hands-on activities for adults and youngsters. This is one of Utah's best bird watching/wildlife watching opportunities.

This year's keynote speaker will be expert birder Tim Boucher. He is a Nature Conservancy Geographer who caught the birding bug 30 years ago when he was living in South Africa. His passion for birding (and travel) has taken him to 48 countries on six continents. He says he’s loved every minute of it, but something changed two decades ago. He is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.

Many other experts will present at the festival. See the list.

This year's spotlight bird is the long-billed dowitcher. It is a medium-sized, chunky, snipe-like shorebird belonging to a group of species with long legs and thin bills that forage along shorelines or in shallow water. Dozens of bird species will be seen by festival participants.

See the official schedule for field trips,workshops and activities.

Most activities will take place around Farmington Bay, on the edge of the Great Salt Lake. Field trips will allow participants to access key spots where birds abundant. Some such spots are off limits to the public at other times.


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