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Friday, May 23, 2014

Activities For Memorial Day And Beyond

We hope you have a safe, respectful, enjoyable, adventurous Memorial Day Weekend. If you are in Utah, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy community activities and outdoor adventures.

Media, local and national, are full of articles about Utah destinations and activities. Here are a few we noticed today. has an article listing the “10 BEST BIKE VACATIONS IN THE US.” Moab is on the list, of course. Here's a snippet:'

The most famous mountain biking trail in the U.S., and possibly the world, can be found just outside the small, unpretentious town of Moab. Known as Slickrock, the trail is anything but slick. Fat tires literally stick to the grippy Navajo Sandstone for a roller coaster-like ride of steep inclines and hair-raising descents. has this article listing five hikes the the canyons adjacent to Salt Lake City. Below are the trails mentioned; there are many others nearby.
  • Cecret Lake [Secret Lake]
  • Desolation Lake
  • Lake Blanche
  • Red Pine Lake
  • White Pine Lake
The title above comes from this blog post on Each of the items mentioned offers the possibility for a day or more of enjoyable activities. Here's the list, abbreviated.
Our Pioneer Heritage
Backyard Mountain Recreation
Salt Lake's Perfect Manhattan
Full Lineup of Outdoor Concerts
A Farm-to-Table Experience
Our Professional Performing Artists
World-Class Food Production
Access to Passionate Professional Sports
Our Love of the Arts
Unique Shopping

As we move into summer, we invite you to join the festivities as our towns, large and small, host special celebrations. This Deseret News article gives a full list, including details needed if you want to participate.


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