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Monday, January 06, 2014

Snowshoeing, Zion Backcountry Permits, Odd Photo

As the title indicates, I'm covering three unique topics in this post.

Snowshoeing The Wasatch
Now's the time to get out the snowshoes and explore winter trails. Some of our best snowshoe routes can be found in the canyons adjacent to Salt Lake City. This website has a great guide to popular snowshoe routes. It gives specific info about recommended trails.

Zion Backcountry Permits
Zion National Park posted this in its Twitter feed:

Due to regional server issues, our permit system has been down for several days. The system has been restored, but outages may still occur.

The better slot canyon hikes all require permits. Permits are also needed for overnight stays anywhere in the backcountry. Hope they get the system fixed quickly - I'm now time to start planning trips.

Odd Photo
Finally, I was impressed by the photo below, provided by the Utah Geological Survey. The

An ancient, meandering river channel composed of resistant sandstone in the Cedar Mountain Formation now stands 100 feet higher than the surrounding, less resistant siltstone and shale landscape southwest of Green River, San Rafael Desert, Emery County.

From the ground, you'd never be able to identify the formation as an old riverbed. From the air, it's obvious. Cool.


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