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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

100 Best Ski Runs In The World has this interested article with this title:

World's best ski runs: 100 to 1 has picked up the article, which you can see here. On both websites, readers are invited to make comments. On, which has mostly Utah readers, comments favor our local resorts. On, it is interesting to read comments from around the country.

The world's best, according to this article:
1. The Stash, Avoriaz, France
The 7 Utah runs making the cut:

94. Hourglass Chute, Alta, Utah
89. Straight Shot, Powder Mountain, Utah
71. So Long, Alta, Utah
32. Keyhole, Snowbird, Utah
30. Barry Barry Steep, Snowbird, Utah
22. High Boy, Alta, Utah
4. Glen's, Snowbird, Utah

Here are some comments from the page.

The list is seriously messed up. Switzerland, Austria, Utah and Colorado are way way way underrepresented with Canada and France way over represented.

I have skied virtually everywhere other than South America. The best place to ski is Alta/Snowbird. The snow is literally lighter than a feather. The salt in the lake must suck out the moisture. Plus it is not a commercial fest like all the Vail Resorts. I live in Colorado and like Vail however since it has been taken over by a former venture capitalist. It has become a mess!

Switzerland is the best skiing in Europe. Also, UT is better than the Italian Alps...much better powder there.

The debate rages...


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