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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Utah State Parks Will Honor National Park Passes

Utah is taking steps to make sure travelers here have a good experience. Our Governor has told State Parks to honor federal National Park passes. Our parks will waive entrance fees for people holding those passes. Camping and activity fees will still apply.

Our State Parks have been busy since the federal shutdown but they have capacity to handle more visitors. We have parks located near each of our National Parks. Many of our State Parks have scenic values comparable to those found in the National Parks, as you can see from the photo of Kodachrome Basin, above.

Our Governor is talking with the Feds and has offered to fund National Park operations during the shutdown. So far the Feds have declined.

Some public figures living near our National Parks have suggested that sheriffs' deputies tear down barricades blocking entrance, and that we should forcibly reopen roads and trails. Some individuals have defied the closures, but so far there has been no organized effort. Hopefully, the shutdown will end soon and such effort will not be needed.

Until then, visit State Parks, attractions on Native American land and backcountry areas that are still open.


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