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Friday, October 18, 2013

Capitol Reef Is Beautiful, But Does It Offer Good Fishing?

The varied terrain in Capitol Reef National Park is captured in photos published in this blog. The images really show off the beauty of the area.

Captions give information about each photo.

The post is worth viewing - the photos are great and the captions interesting. I do want to clarify information from one caption:

Maybe one of the only things that isn’t red in Capitol Reef National Park! Sulphur Creek which runs into Fremont River. Fremont River spans a 95 mile distance and is full of fish! This river is a revered flying fishing spot…anyone like fresh rainbow trout?

The accompanying photo shows Sulphur Creek above the Fremont.

The Fremont does offer good trout fishing on its upper end. It's tributaries flow out of the mountains around Fish Lake and the river offers good fishing in the high country, and also through the farmland around Bicknell and Torrey.

The water quality deteriorates as the stream plunges into the Capitol Reef desert country. Trout fishing extends a short ways into the park, when we have good water years, but trout cannot range very far past the park boundary. As the Fremont exits the park and flows toward Hanksville, it is is joined by Muddy Creek and re-branded as the Dirty Devil River, and it lives up to that name.

So, the upper Fremont offers good fishing, mostly above the park. Only a few of the stream's 95 miles support trout.

National Park Ambassador

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The first 100 people to complete the challenge will receive an official certificate from Governor Gary R. Herbert and Mighty 5 t-shirts for their entire families.


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