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Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain Improves Launch Conditions At Lake Powell

The water level is low at Lake Powell and people are urged to use caution when launching and trailering boats. However, the heavy rain during recent weeks has improved conditions, at least a little bit.

Antelope Point Marina was about to be closed but the latest word is that it will remain open, at least for the immediate future. The Park Service released this information:

Antelope Point launch ramp will remain open for the time being due to increased lake levels caused by the recent flood events. Boaters should still be aware that while the ramp is open, launching at these water levels is not safe for all sizes of boats and launching is at your own risk.

Southern Utah and western Colorado received heavy rain and saw multiple flood events, and those areas drain into the Colorado River system.

Earlier, the Park Service issued this news release.

Impacts of Lower Water Levels

Page, AZ – The public is asked to use extreme caution when using the public launch ramps at Lake Powell. The decrease in water levels has reduced the depth of water in these areas, creating shallow water on the ramps with steep drop-offs. The deepest launch ramp at Lake Powell continues to be Wahweap main ramp. Different boat/trailer combinations require varying depths of water, so remember to assess the water depth for your boat before launching.

“We had a similar issue nearly a decade ago,” said Superintendent Todd Brindle. “We will continue to provide access to the water for the boating public as long as we can, but ask that everyone be careful - launching is at your own risk.”

The boat pump-out at Stateline ramp is currently out of service, also due to the lower water levels. The station will require additional lift pumps before it can reopen. Pump-outs at Wahweap main ramp remain open.

The Bureau of Reclamation’s August 24-Month Study indicates that lake levels may continue to drop over the next two years, with the lowest predictions in March 2015 at approximately 3536 ft. The current lake level is about 3590 ft. and full pool is 3700 ft.


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